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Advanced Types Of Doors For Your Building

The construction industry has introduced many new advanced building styles. Modern building styles are more efficient and add a visual appeal to simple constructions. So by using new and advanced construction trends, you can add uniqueness to a newly constructed building. The best way to attain this goal is by having your building constructed by reputed building contractors.

The advanced trends in the construction industry have introduced some new styles of doors. These new door designs are not only attractive but also fulfill some specific needs of construction. Specifically, newly designed doors are introduced to satisfy some commercial and industrial requirements for which simple metal and wooden doors are not suitable.

This blog post describes some advanced door types which can add uniqueness and attraction to your building and can also serve other important purposes for which they are designed. However, only professionals can ascertain a reliable installation of these advanced style doors. So an efficient building contractor should be contacted to get top-notch door installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Overhead Door Style

Overhead doors are used for commercial building blocks. Most commonly, these doors are used for garages, shops, and warehouse buildings. Moreover, these doors can roll upward on a pulley that is connected at the top of the door. As a result, this type of door can be closed by pushing it from the bottom toward the top.

In addition to commercial use, overhead doors are sometimes also used for residential garages. These overhead doors are made with special metal sheets, which are durable and flexible, and easily fold on a metal rod. Overhead doors are being used in many industrial buildings. Luckily, they are available in different designs, such as rolling doors, sectional doors, canopy doors, and security grilles.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are designed by connecting different panels with each other that are used to open and close the door. Also, these panels are horizontally folded toward the wall to open the doors. Thanks to this technique, these doors are easy to operate.

Furthermore, bi-old doors are unique, attractive, and a viable solution for places where traditional wooden doors can not operate well. Fortunately, bi-fold doors are suitable for residential and commercial use. So, you can get a bi-fold door installed in your house to add uniqueness. These doors are suitable for both interior and exterior use.

For instance, you can use a bi-fold door for your front yard or back yard or as a separation between your drawing and dining room.

Also, bi-fold doors are made with high-quality materials to maintain durability and attraction at the same time. Together with attraction, these doors have different sizes as they can be made using more than two panels depending on the size of the door. Due to these characteristics, Premium Build Structures provides bi-fold doors amongst its door options in their projects.


Just like slider windows, slider doors are also becoming more popular everyday. Their simple structure, easy operation, and fewer maintenance requirements are some basic benefits that have made sliders the first choice of constructors and building owners.

In addition to these benefits, the slider does not take much space to open or close as it operates horizontally in its fixed frame installed on the wall. Besides that, the size of the slider depends on the need and location where the slider is to be installed. Hence, it can be as large as a wall in your house.

Moreover, sliders can be made with wood or glass. But the most recommended are glass doors which are durable and enhance the beauty of your interior environment.


As the name suggests, sunshine doors are suitable for places where you would like to get a view of the outside and let outsiders see inside. Beautiful sunshine doors can be used to make your home’s interior or exterior more attractive. These thick and unbreakable glass doors ensure optimum security and durability as they are made with polycarbonate, which is stronger than glass.

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Premium Built Structures provides high-quality construction services in Alberta. We provide services for construction, lightning, electrical, and door installation and maintenance. Our expert builders can create beautiful buildings for commercial and residential use.

We can provide you with attractive door designs and the most advanced door styles. If you need services related to construction and building repair, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professionals will guide you further about the project details.

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