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Post-frame buildings, traditionally known as pole barns, are gaining immense popularity in residential and agricultural architecture with each passing day. Following the introduction of contemporary building frames boasting innovation and visual appeal, people thought post-frame construction would lose its charm in the modern era. On the contrary, post-frame construction saw unimaginable heights owing to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

For these reasons and many others, the construction industry is not yet ready to say goodbye to this conventional construction technique. In fact, modern post-frame building contractors use innovation and technology to their advantage to further lift the features and benefits of post-frame buildings.

Sadly, these architectural marvels that have won the race against modernization and innovation receive the least acknowledgment and appreciation from building project owners.

Blinded by falsified thoughts about modern construction methods’ superiority and precedence over post-frame buildings, they fail to recognize the hidden perks in the shape of time and money savings these structures provide. Nonetheless, these benefits are only attainable and long-lasting if you put your project in the hands of reliable building contractors.

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To facilitate construction project owners in choosing the right construction technique, this blog post discusses the seven hidden benefits of post-frame buildings.


While inflation, in conjunction with the Russia-Ukraine conflict, shook and broke the global economy at many levels, the construction industry perhaps bore the biggest blow. Naturally, this blow’s effects seeped into the Canadian construction industry as well. As a result, the cost of residential construction shot up to 22.6% in the first quarter of 2022.

According to the recent census by Statistics Canada, Edmonton recorded the second highest increase amongst the major metropolitan areas.

In light of the financial crisis at hand, cost-effective yet reliable solutions are every construction project owner’s aim and yearning. Accordingly, post-frame buildings are highly economical. Post-frame construction requires the least amount of material and labour. Resultantly, the variable costs of construction and the overhead expenses are way less compared to other construction techniques.

Reduced Foundation Costs

While the cost of a foundation varies from type to type, , it would not be wrong to say that foundation costs take at least one-quarter of the total construction costs. For this reason, the cost savings concerning a foundation require separate emphasis.

Since this construction technique requires the supporting posts or columns to be inserted about 4 feet into the ground, there isn’t a need for a basement to serve as a foundation. This pulls down the costs significantly. Premium Built is proud to offer post-frame as one of its building styles to help Edmonton and its people in a time of financial uncertainty.

Require The Least Amount Of Construction Time

In today’s fast-paced world, time is no less crucial than money—every minute matters. Post-frame construction stands as the least complex building style in Edmonton due to the eradicated need for an underground foundation and interior wall frames.

Thus, if construction time is your priority, a post frame is the ideal solution.

Post-Frame Buildings Exhibit A Plethora Of Uses

While pole buildings were traditionally used for agricultural construction, such as barns, their contemporary uses are mind-blowing. Who thought post-frames would one day be widely used in the construction of residential dwellings, warehouses, parking lots, halls, and much more?

The spaciousness of post-frame buildings makes them a good option for storing merchandise and other commercial purposes. With minor adjustments, post-frame buildings can be turned into anything from storage areas to even marriage halls.

Design Flexibility And Adaptability

If you think these benefits come at the cost of design flexibility and visual appeal, get your thoughts straight. From interior styling to space use variety, the spaciousness of post-frame structures provide immense flexibility in many ways.

Sturdier And Long-Lasting Structures

Boasting sturdier hinge joints and the support of thick posts buried deep into the ground, a post-frame building’s longevity is unbeatable. The posts also reduce the overall pressure and stress on the walls, which further enhances the building’s strength.

As a result, post-frame structures are comparatively sturdier than their counterparts and promise a long building life.

Enhanced Weather And Pressure Endurance

Owing to the aforementioned features, post-frame structures also boast incomparable resistance to strong winds, snow, hail, and other severe weather types. The deeply inserted posts hold the building in its place and reduce the risk of structural failures.

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