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Top 4 Advantages Of A Post-Frame Building

For most people, the term post frame building or pole building typically recalls the images of farmhouses and barns.

However, did you know that post-frame buildings have been used to shelter generations of families in urban and rural areas?

These buildings are so popular because they are easy to build and can be readily converted into stockrooms, garages, or even residential homes.

Although they are easy to build, there are still some technicalities that need to be taken care of in order to build the perfect post-frame building.

Therefore it is important that you hire a certified post-frame building contractor to construct your pole building.

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Fun Fact: most people think that pole and post-frame buildings are two different things. But in reality, both these terms are just different names for one type of building.

Apart from being easy to build, there are many other benefits of post-frame building. Keep on reading this blog post as we will outline the top 4 advantages of post-frame building.

What Is A Post Frame Building?

Typically known as pole barns, these post-frame buildings commonly have a laminated wood column every 8 feet.

These wood columns are connected by dimensional lumber girts sized to meet the load requirements of the specific area. All of this is then topped up by a roof made from engineered clear span trusses.

This design might seem simple, but it provides balance and durability along with some other nifty features.

Although framers have been calling these structures pole buildings for years, currently, architects and engineers have been referring to them as post-frame buildings.

Benefits Of Post Frame Buildings

If you are planning to start a construction project, then here are the top 4 advantages that support our argument of why you should build a post-frame structure:

Post Frame Buildings Are Sturdier

These buildings use thick wooden columns to create a rigid foundation that can resist snow, hail, and storms. The whole structure relies on the posts to transfer the mass and weight efficiently.

Unlike other buildings that use the typical stick frame method, post frame buildings have studier hinge joints and higher wind resistance.

Post-frame agricultural buildings and garages have a high degree of protection that ensures the safety of harvester crops, farm animals, and vehicles.

They Can Be Built In Any Environment

Weather conditions vary from site to site, but post-frame buildings can easily adapt to lateral pressure that often overturn even the sturdiest of buildings.

Therefore, post-frame buildings can be built anywhere as they can easily adapt to environmental conditions.

This is because pole buildings have a multi-columned design that allows the lateral force to spread out evenly across the whole structure.

Hence, due to their firm foundation, these buildings resist the constant shifting of the ground beneath them and thereby can be built in any environment.

These Buildings Have A Smaller Foundation Cost

As post-frame buildings are supported by thick wooden columns, they typically don’t need a basement. Mainly the construction of a lower layer increases the construction cost.

Since pole buildings have columns inserted deeply in them, you won’t have to build a basement as a foundation for the whole structure.

On the other hand, stick frame structures require a firmer footer support or added extensions, all of which increase the cost of the whole project.

However, with a post-frame building, you won’t have to run into these types of hassles as its foundation is already strong, so you won’t have to spend extra money on its foundation.

A Lot Of Styles And Color Options

Another advantage of post-frame buildings is that they come with a lot of styles and colour options. So you can choose the style and colour of your post-frame building according to your preference.

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