June 23, 2022

Design-build construction is the process in which the design and construction are done in one project. All development phases of a construction project are completed in the same project. The team of a design-build contractor includes the designers, constructors, engineers, labours, etc. In design-build construction, every team member performs his task for the project, but… Continue reading All You Need To Know About Design-Build Construction

June 16, 2022

Post Frame construction involves building wooden framed buildings. These buildings are completed with various other materials which are used for outside and inside construction, but the main frame is developed with wood. Post frame constructions are flexible and strong. There are various benefits of post-frame construction buildings. They are cost-effective and provide different and attractive… Continue reading Do’s And Don’ts Of Post Frame Construction

June 9, 2022

Post frame or pole frame construction has been used for many years and is a leading construction style. It provides an efficient way of building strong and long-lived buildings. Some of the advantages that a post-frame building can offer includes flexible design and versatile functionality that allows one building to have multiple uses. However, one… Continue reading What Ceiling Material Can I Use For My Post-Frame Building?

June 2, 2022

For most people, the term post frame building or pole building typically recalls the images of farmhouses and barns. However, did you know that post-frame buildings have been used to shelter generations of families in urban and rural areas? These buildings are so popular because they are easy to build and can be readily converted… Continue reading Top 4 Advantages Of A Post-Frame Building

May 26, 2022

An aircraft hangar is not just a regular steel frame structure that you can build without proper considerations and estimations. Rather, a thoughtful process coupled with taking all factors into account is required to ensure that the final construction serves the purpose. An aircraft hangar has to be built in such a way that it… Continue reading Factors To Consider When Building An Airplane Hangar

May 19, 2022

The essentiality of a well-constructed foundation for a building can not be emphasized enough. A building without a foundation is like a ship with a cracked bottom. That is, it won’t stay afloat for very long. Despite the pool of information available, people still dare to ask whether they can construct a building or house… Continue reading Various Foundation Options For Your Construction Projects

May 12, 2022

Stand on any commercial street in Alberta and have a look at the buildings surrounding you. Although the structures vary in terms of shape, width, height, and even colours, their overall look seems to be the same. At first glance, it might even appear as if the buildings are constructed from the same material. However,… Continue reading Structural Applications Of Post Frame Buildings In Alberta

May 7, 2022

In the modern world, people are now using prefabricated post-frame buildings for their industrial and commercial projects. These pre-engineered post-frame buildings are ideal for many different types of business, as they are easy to assemble and can be constructed quickly. The main key to erecting a pre-engineered post-frame building successfully is by avoiding some common… Continue reading How To Construct A Pre-Engineered Post-Frame Building

April 28, 2022

The construction industry brings in new innovations in building styles every year, and one of them is pre-engineered building. Pre-engineered buildings are one of the most popular methods of construction not only in Canada but also worldwide. These buildings are based on the concept that involves pre-design and pre-fabrication of steel structures. However, these structures… Continue reading Benefits Of Pre-Engineered Buildings

April 14, 2022

When you start a construction project, one of the most important processes is hiring a construction contractor. You have to invest a lot of time and do a considerable amount of research before choosing the perfect building contractor for your construction project. Because once you choose a construction company, you will have to work with… Continue reading 3 Questions To Ask A Construction Contractor Before Hiring

April 7, 2022

Everybody dreams of having a perfectly constructed house that is customized to cater to their needs. Thanks to the availability of professional and experienced contractors nowadays, getting a house constructed is easier than ever. It is convenient to be able to hand over your construction project to a contractor who can oversee all the tasks.… Continue reading Top Qualities Of A Professional Construction Contractor

March 31, 2022

Whether it is a residential or commercial project, electrical installation needs professional hands and the right experts to install everything correctly. Any negligence can damage the wires leading to appliance failures, and other costly damages. Therefore, it is better to leave such electrical work such as outlets, panels, and designing the wiring system to the… Continue reading Why Should You Hire Professional Electrical Installation Services?