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The continuously rising vogue and charm of post-frame construction is no surprise for anyone in Alberta. Given the many benefits post-frame buildings flaunt, their crowning was fated to occur. From outstanding use and versatility to cost-effectiveness, sturdiness, longevity, and exceptional weather endurance, there isn’t a building need or goal that post-frame buildings cannot fulfill.

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In an ideal world, which is hard to achieve, every business and homeowner should take full advantage of this incomparable business style. But as we said, this ‘ideal world’ is ‘unachievable.’ Sadly, prevailing myths and the spread of inaccurate information over the internet have sown a seed of reluctance and hesitation in an average individual’s heart and mind.

As professional building contractors in Edmonton, we understand that erecting a building or a house is not a type of investment you can make every now and then. You cannot simply demolish a building and reconstruct a new one in its place if it does not meet your standards. Such projects require you to pump in a substantial amount of monetary and other resources. In all honesty, unreliable building contractors also play a major role in disgracing this decent building style.

For this reason, people prefer to go with regular conventional options rather than experimenting with their finances. Evidently, it is important to always hire a highly reputed building company to ensure you reap the full value of your money.

As far as the prevalent misinformation is concerned, we have taken it upon ourselves to personally answer the questions that arise in your minds. Thus, this blog answers the most crucial FAQs about post-frame buildings in Alberta.

Are Post-Frame Buildings Expensive?

For many reasons, no.

Post-frame construction is actually praised for its cost-effectiveness. First of all, post-frame buildings are constructed and supported with thick wooden posts. These are inserted at least 4’ into the ground to provide an equally sturdy post-frame foundation. Thus, the need for a poured concrete or block wall footer is eliminated.

Since foundations form a significant chunk of a total project costs, the above results in immense savings for you.

Similarly, post-frame buildings are less intricate and, therefore, fairly easy to construct. Comparatively, they require less materials, labour time, and other resources than conventional and other modern building styles. The latter further elevates this amazing building style’s cost-effectiveness.

Can Post-Frame Buildings Withstand Occasional Wind Storms And Severe Weather?

Yes, definitely. Post-frame buildings are constructed from highly engineered wood that can withstand severe external elements. When it comes to wind pressure and the risk of swaying, you don’t have to worry because of the posts inserted into the ground. This insertion holds the building in its place even in the most severe winds.

Nonetheless, your building’s sturdiness primarily depends upon the reliability of the building contractor. The quality of materials they use and the construction techniques are vital to a building project’s unhindered success.

How Durable And Long-Lasting Are These Buildings?

While a well-built structure can live well above a century, most people cite a safe lifespan of about 60 years. Of course, timely damage repairs, restorations and maintenance come in quite handy in this regard.

Are There Any Size Limitations?

The only limitation is your lot’s size. We can make your building as large, high, and as wide as you prefer it to be. If you are worried about future extensions, then we want to assure you that extending a post-frame building is not a complex issue.

Thanks to the adequate spacing of about 8 ft of the vertical supports, Premium Built can help you extend your post-frame building easily.

Are Post-Frame Buildings NBD Compliant?

All the building projects we undertake are National Building Code of Canada compliant, including post-frame buildings. With Premium Built, compliance is never an issue. We put safety and transparency at the core of all our businesses and ensure that our people, our clients, and our planet do not have to bear any adverse consequences.

Are Post-Frame Buildings The Same As Pole Barns?

People often use the terms pole barns and post-frame buildings interchangeably. However, they do not, technically, mean the same thing. It would be more accurate to say that post-frame buildings are a modern and more efficient variation of pole barns. While pole barns are just one type of building used for agricultural purposes, post-frame buildings can be used for residential, commercial storage, and many other pursuits.

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