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Whenever you are in the process of planning and starting a construction project and have to choose a type of stud frame building, you have two main options: wood studs or metal studs.

As a professional building company in Alberta, we offer high-quality stud frames to fulfill your requirements. Generally, most professional construction experts and contractors prefer metal studs over wood studs as they provide greater durability and better performance.
Both metal studs and wood studs have their own set of pros and cons. Therefore, it is important to analyze the differences between them in detail.

Wood Studs

Before the wide-scale adoption of steel studs, wooden studs dominated the market as there was a huge demand for them. The reasons behind the significant demand for wooden studs were the various benefits offered by wooden studs.

Some of these benefits where:

Traditional Usage

Wood studs were the only option for building stud frame buildings for an extended period of time.
As a result, the traditional usage of wood studs resulted in these studs gaining considerable support and popularity among construction contractors.
Moreover, there was a lack of innovation in metal stud framing in the early stages. As a result, wood was preferred until the transition from wood to metal became easy.

Easy To Cut

A significant benefit of wood studs is that wood was easy to cut as per the specific requirements of a construction project.
It is easy to measure wood and cut it with the help of a saw. Moreover, wood can easily be shaped and molded into different shapes and sizes according to the construction needs.

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There is a wide variety of wood studs available in the market. It is possible to find small wood studs as well as large wood studs.
Moreover, most wood studs are made from softwood trees such as spruce and pine, which are light structural lumber.

Generally, wood studs of standard sizes are enough to fulfill the requirements of normal construction projects.
However, getting wood studs made of hardwood or cedar is also possible to fulfill unique construction requirements.

Metal Studs

The usage of metal stud frames has rapidly increased due to massive metal manufacturing and innovation in the construction industry.
Professional construction contractors use high-quality stud frame building to build strong structures.

Metal studs are essentially designed from steel that can be crafted into different sizes and shapes.
Cutting metal has also become relatively easier with the help of suitable equipment and techniques.

The following are the major benefits of using metal studs:


Metal studs are significantly stronger than wood studs.
They can support more weight that can even be heavier than the metal itself.
Therefore, metal studs are considered the ideal choice for situations where it is important to support weight, such as load-bearing walls, cabinets, and doorways.


Unlike wood, metal is much more resistant to moisture and excessive humidity.
Hence, metal studs are durable, and using them in construction projects means that they will not crack or split easily. Instead, you can expect them to remain strong in their position for a long period of time.

It is also important to note that wood studs are vulnerable to insects like termites and can get seriously damaged by fire.
Wood studs cannot tolerate areas in which termites are present. In comparison, you do not have to worry about such issues when you use metal studs.

Weight and Space

Metal studs occupy less space than wood studs. Moreover, they are lighter, due to which it is easier to transport and handle steel studs.
Metal cutting is also easy and safe as long as you rely on experts who wear protective gear while handling such procedures.
These benefits of metal studs are the main reason why the demand for wood studs has significantly declined, and steel studs are in huge demand.

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