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Different Types Of Building Structures And Their Benefits

What is a building without its structure? Many of us appreciate the beauty of buildings and its creative architecture. But how many actually think about the structure that lies underneath?

The structure of a building is what gives it its strength, stability and rigidity to deal with aging and the elements of nature. Over the years, the types of structures that have been designed to prevent a building from collapsing have changed. The construction industry moves in lockstep with technological advances.

Technological advancement has also greatly improved the quality, durability and sturdiness of building structures. At premium built structures, we keep ourselves informed about the advancements in the industry and ensure that the building structures we design are in accordance with new standards.

We are a diverse building company that specializes in Post-frame as well as Stud, Wood and Steel frame buildings. We mainly work in western Canada and provide services in the commercial, agriculture and residential sectors.

In this blog, we will list the different types of building structures commonly used along with their benefits.

Post Frame Structure

The post-frame structure is built using pressure-treated solid wood posts or laminated columns. These posts are used to support girts and trusses without concrete masonry. In most cases, the structure is accompanied by a concrete pier. The solid wood posts transfer the pressure and the weight of the building to the ground on the concrete pier.

Since it is an interlocking frame, it can handle larger loads as compared to conventional stud-wall construction. Hence, over the years, this method has grown especially popular among architects, engineers and building contractors.

Some of the benefits this structure offers include:


Almost any type of aesthetic can be achieved with post-frame structures. There are no limitations.


As mentioned, post-frame structures are more load-bearing which is why they have higher durability and provide an optimal building lifespan.


Post-frame structures save both time and money. It has a shorter construction time which is why labour costs are reduced. Moreover, the materials and equipment required are also lower than what is needed for conventional structures.

At Premium, we have professional post frame building contractors that design efficient post frame building styles.

Stud Frame Structure

Stud framing, typically made of vertical timber studs, are designed to carry vertical structure loads. They are sometimes made a part of a partition or a wall which can make them non-load bearing as well. However, the way they are designed depends on the type of building.

The structure is constructed such that the studs are sandwiched between the top and bottom load. For uniform distribution of weight, the studs are equally distributed. Stud frames are usually used for residential structures.

Here are a few benefits of stud frame structures:

Faster To Build

Stud frames are faster to build and are fastened using screws, clips and ties.


The vertical studs can be customized to hold windows, doors, and insulation as well as other interior and exterior features in place without any limitations.

Steel Frame Structure

Last but not least is the steel frame structure. It has gained immense popularity in the construction industry due to its durability and sturdiness. A steel frame consists of horizontal and vertical columns that are either welded or bolted together in a rectilinear grid. The columns are designed to transfer compressive loads.

Moreover, these structures are also able to stay put during seismic tremors like earthquakes. Hence, it improves the architectural possibilities of the building.

Here are some benefits of steel frame structures:


Since steel is moderately cheap, as compared to other construction materials, you can save money on material costs.

Fire Resistance

Steel structures are highly fire-resistant. Hence, in buildings where there is a fire hazard, wood structures are avoided.

Withstand Disasters

Steel structures are durable and sturdy enough to withstand natural calamities such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, and cyclones.

If, after reading the aforementioned benefits of different types of structures, you are still confused regarding the type of structure that will work best for you, contact us for a professional opinion.

About Premium Built Structures

Premium Built Structures is here to help you with your construction and related needs. We are reliable building contractors operating in Western Canada and serving in the commercial, agriculture, and residential sectors. For further information, contact us here.

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