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At Premium Built Structures, we understand the importance of energy efficiency in agricultural buildings, especially in the diverse climates of Western Canada. Our expertise in post frame construction offers an ideal platform for integrating energy-saving practices in farm buildings. Here, we’ll explore essential tips for insulation and heating that can lead to substantial benefits in the long term.

Why Energy Efficiency Matters in Premium Built Structures

Our post frame buildings, popular for their cost-effectiveness and design flexibility, need to be energy efficient to maximize benefits for our clients. Efficient insulation and heating not only cut down on operational costs but also support sustainable farming practices, a core value at Premium Built Structures.

Effective Insulation Techniques

1. Selecting the Right Insulation Material: 

We recommend materials like fiberglass, foam board, or spray foam insulation, each offering unique R-values. For instance, closed-cell spray foam provides excellent thermal resistance and moisture barrier, crucial for Western Canada’s varying climate. Premium also offers top quality insulated man doors, overhead doors double and triple pane windows.

2. Optimizing R-Value for Regional Climates:

In the colder regions of Western Canada, we focus on higher R-values to maintain warmth within the structure during the freezing winters. Our commitment to quality means we select higher R-value materials to maintain warmth during the winter and cooler temperatures during the summer.

3. Complete Sealing Sealing:

Ensuring all gaps are properly sealed, particularly around doors and windows is part of our strict quality control. This increases the overall effectiveness of the insulation.

Heating Solutions for Post Frame Buildings

1. Radiant Heating Systems:

Premium offers both in-floor and overhead systems. These systems provide uniform heat distribution and maximize usable space. They are ideal for applications such as livestock areas, riding arenas and buildings with high ceilings.

2. High-Efficiency Furnaces:

In alignment with our dedication to quality, we use modern high efficiency furnaces. This is essential for effectively heating large spaces within post frame buildings.

3. Smart Thermostats for Controlled Heating:

Our buildings incorporate programmable thermostats, allowing our clients to manage heating based on occupancy and use, reducing unnecessary energy expenditure.

At Premium Built Structures, we are dedicated to improving the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural operations in Western Canada. Through the use of advanced insulation materials, state-of-the-art heating systems, and strict quality management, we ensure our post frame structures are not just buildings, but a step towards a more sustainable, productive agricultural future.

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