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Factors To Consider When Building An Airplane Hangar

An aircraft hangar is not just a regular steel frame structure that you can build without proper considerations and estimations. Rather, a thoughtful process coupled with taking all factors into account is required to ensure that the final construction serves the purpose. An aircraft hangar has to be built in such a way that it allows easy access to aircraft of all types. It should have a proper electrical wiring system that is designed according to the requirements. Furthermore, it should be secured enough so that it is not easily accessible to intruders as a hangar doesn’t only contain aircraft but also some precious and expensive parts.

Therefore, an aircraft hangar must provide the necessary security and safety along with better protection from the weather. It should be functional and sustainable enough to withstand all conditions and prevent the need to build it again and again.

Considering some important factors is necessary to ensure that the aircraft hangar is well-built and will serve its purpose. This blog post mentions some important factors to consider before constructing an aircraft hangar.

Establishing Your Budget

Although you might have a significant amount of money, especially if you plan to build a hangar, you still need to establish a budget. The construction of an aviation hangar might depend on several factors that may directly impact the budget you have set for its construction. There might be unexpected expenses on the site work, code requirements, and building structures. Moreover, electrical installations and security setup may take another toll on your pocket. Therefore, be prepared and set an estimated and flexible budget for hangar construction to accommodate for unexpected changes.

Size Of The Hangar

Knowing your needs thoroughly will give you a good estimate of the size of the hangar to be constructed. Consider not only the aircraft that are to be stored there but also the other necessary equipment such as ramps and stairs. In addition to this, also plan for the space that will be required when the crew needs to repair an aircraft or some delegation might be visiting the site. Therefore, consider the size that will be required for the hangar before building it.

Think About Its Accessibility

An aircraft hangar should be accessible at any cost. The entry and exit points should be easily accessible and apparent to everyone. Maintaining systematic activity in the hangar is challenging and might require thoughtful planning.

To make the hangar more accessible, special care should be taken about its doors. Different types of doors can be installed in the steel structure frames, such as bi-folding, vertical, and sliding doors. You can choose from a variety of different doors and frame options, considering your affordability and other factors.

Choose The Right Steel Frame

Most of the time, a steel frame is required for the construction of a hangar. Therefore, such a steel frame must be built sturdily to support the task of an aircraft hangar and provide it with the necessary strength. A steel frame is also suitable for this purpose, and it must be well-built to withstand all weather conditions. Hire a reliable frame building contractor for this purpose who can assist you in the process of hangar construction.

Moreover, the steel frame must be able to accommodate the electrical and lighting requirements. Plan for your electrical and wiring strategy during the design phase of your hangar construction. Moreover, also think about the lighting and how your steel frame structure will support that.

Final Thoughts

Constructing an aircraft hangar is a complex process, and a professional is needed to complete the job. Moreover, finding the right contractor to build the steel frame buildings is also crucial to have the desired results. An experienced building contractor can help you consider several important factors before building a hangar.

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