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For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have concrete footings, pad, etc. to build a post/pole building?

Our buildings have no need for concrete to build and is one of the great benefits of post/pole construction. Concrete can be poured inside the building anytime after the building is complete. The more prep work that is done before the building is erected, the easier and more cost effective it will be for you when you do your pour. Ask us about how we can help with your concrete and what extra services we can offer.

Do I need building permits?

Permits are not needed if you fall under Farm/Agricultural but are if you fall under Residential or Commercial. We recommend that you consult with your local city or county municipal office. You are required to procure all necessary building permits for your building.

Do I need engineered plans?

Engineered plans are required for residential and commercial buildings. Premium Post Structures can supply the plans from our engineer or you are more than welcome to obtain your own. Engineered plans usually range from $1500 to $2000 depending on complexity of the building.

Do I need to contact Call Before You Dig?

We do require that Call Before You Dig are contacted and all possible lines, etc. Are marked and flagged before we arrive on day 1 of build.

Should I have a level site prepared before the building is erected?

We highly recommend that the site is levelled within 12 inches to any corner. We can still build the building if this is not the case but you will end up with less post in the ground at your low points. Also it is much harder and more expensive to do your grading work after the fact rather than before.

We also require a minimum of a 12 ft apron around the perimeter of the building to allow full access for all our equipment to ensure a speedy and hassle free build.

We can certainly come out and see you if you would like and we can shoot some elevations with a transit to better access your proposed build site.

The customer is also required to have 20 mm crushed or washed rock on site before our arrival. The amount needed will be stated in the contract.

What size are the posts? How deep will they be in the ground and how are they set?

remium Post Structures uses pre-manufactured posts from Hillier Manufacturing. We choose this option rather than building them on site because we feel it allows us to offer the most premium post possible. We use a minimum 2×8 and either 3, 4 or 6 Ply depending on building size and specs. The bottom 6 ft of the posts are pressure treated and 5 ft of the post will be in the ground. We drill a 18” diameter hole to a depth of 6 ft. 10 inches of rock is put in the hole and tamped. A 2” precast cement pad is then placed on top of the rock and tamped again. The post is then set and backfilled with more rock. This process allows for great drainage all around and below your post.

Premium Post Structures also offers a post protector package at an additional cost. Feel free to request more information if interested.

What size lumber do you use for your wall and roof strapping/purlins? Do you stagger the roof and walls?

We use 2×6 lumber for all our wall and roof strapping. We stagger all the walls and unlike many other companies also the roof. We believe this offers a stronger structure and nice straight screw lines on your roof.

What kind of metal do you use?

We use a 29 gauge, high tensile metal cladding. Our most common is the 9-36 tuff rib profile. It is what you will see most commonly. It comes in over 30 colours and has a non prorated 40 year warranty.

How are your buildings Insulated?

We use a 2×8 R28 fiberglass batt insulation in the walls. In the ceiling we blow in a fiberglass insulation to a thickness that gives you a R40 value or greater. All walls and ceiling have poly installed and then all overlaps, doors and windows are sealed with tuk tape.

Do you keep a clean work site during construction of my building?

Premium Post Structures prides ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers and always keeping them happy during the build process. We have a strict policy for a clean and well organized job site. Not only for good house keeping but also safety. A CLEAN SITE IS A SAFE SITE. Clean ups and magnet sweeps are done throughout the day and final done at the end of day by the full crew before leaving site.

Do you have business insurance and WCB, what are your safety practices?

We take it very seriously to make sure all the steps are taken to run a professional and well run business. We carry WCB for all our staff and also provide a full benefits package. All employees are trained and certified for aerial lifts and construction safety. All proper PPE is worn at all times and morning safety meetings are carried out.

We carry 5 million dollar business liability insurance to cover us and our customers against any unforeseen circumstances.