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Limit Damage To Your Post-Frame Building

People are opting for new traditions in the construction industry and are looking for ways to have a more reliable construction building. Post-frame buildings are one of the greatest options for buildings. Moreover, they also play an important part in the main layout of the construction project. Therefore, you need to make sure that they are sturdy enough to withstand high wind conditions such as hurricanes.

High winds can damage the post-frame or other structural elements of buildings and can be quite devastating. If they are not sturdily built, such buildings are susceptible to hurricanes, tornadoes, or other high winds. You should never underestimate the power of wind as the tremendous amount of pressure has the ability to blow away everything in its path, and only a properly engineered building can withstand it.

Properly trained engineers understand the difference between different types of winds as well. It is important to consider a few factors while designing your post frame buildings so that they can withstand every type of pressure condition.

This blog post mentions some dangers of high winds on buildings and how you can limit the damages caused by these winds on your post-frame building.

Dangers Of High Wind Gusts On Buildings

Harsh winds can cause tilting, overturning, or uplifting of the building and its roof. The pressure is built inside the structure and the air is directed upward. As a result, the roof collapses.

Moreover, high winds also throw debris here and there, your building is quite prone to get stuck in such debris. If the material is loose or the roofing is not secured, these high winds and debris can threaten your post-frame building and damage it completely.

How To Limit Wind Damage On Your Post Frame Building

Make Sure There Are Proper Links

One weak link in a post-frame building can topple it completely. It is like a domino effect, if one part of the construction fails, the whole building will collapse and severely get damaged. Weak links might be caused by inadequate bracing or truss-to-header connections. Such a type of building is not suited for high windy situations because of these weak points.

Therefore, everything must be fastened properly as the first line of defense against wind. You should use screws rather than nails for fastening the steel as they provide twice as strong of a connection.

Consider The Wind Direction And Positioning

This is a pre-processing step, and you should understand in which direction the wind blows. Understanding the wind direction and positioning can minimize the damage and severe impact of the wind on the post-frame building. Different climatic tools can help you understand wind influences and directions better.

Carefully Consider The Cladding

Cladding is basically applying one material over another material to provide a layer for extra protection. In post-frame buildings, steel structures are used for cladding. Such steel or sheathing to the structure is necessary to endure high winds. Therefore, you must use screws instead of nails to provide extra strength to the exterior of the building, to help it withstand high temperatures and wind conditions.

The Hole Depth

Another important factor is the hole depth. The length for a typical depth for post-frame building pillars is about 4 feet. However, in locations where tornadoes and hurricanes are common, going deeper is advisable as it needs more support and strength. So your post building contractors should install your building with strong pillars for better support during such windy conditions.


If you live in such an area with a high risk of winds and exposure to hurricanes and tornadoes, hiring a professional building contractor is necessary who can design the buildings with the required strength and capability. Premium Built Structures is one of Alberta’s building contractors who can provide you with professional post-frame building services with efficient building designs and styles.

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Post-frame construction is an engineered wood-frame building style. At Premium Built Structures, we have a team of experienced and trained building contractors that ensure to deliver convenient, efficient, and ergonomic building styles for commercial, residential, and agricultural projects. If you want to hire a professional building contractor, contact us for more information.

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