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Over the past few years, there has been a significant change in post-frame construction costs. Commodity markets became even more uncertain as prices started to decline and other global events began to unfold.

You might even be looking for techniques to construct your less expensive pole barn, such as researching roofing materials, color schemes, roof types, and pitch. While some decisions are simple to make, others need a more thorough thought process. Choosing the right builder for your post-frame barn is quite a task and an extremely critical step.

You might think that a flat roof makes sense and believe that pitching your pole building this way will be less expensive. However, you must remember that your pole barn’s structural stability will be impacted by the type and slope of the roof.

We are aware that, unless a consumer is experienced with post-frame construction, these minor details don’t often come to mind. This blog post will discuss whether choosing a flat roof for your post-frame construction is a sound structural choice.

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Why Is Structural Integrity Essential For Post Frame Construction?

Whether your post-frame structure has a flat roof, hip roof, gable roof, or even a gambrel roof, if it isn’t structurally strong, you will have construction problems in the future.

A pole barn’s capacity to bear anticipated structural loads without breaking is referred to as its structural integrity. Post-frame structures must be built with safe vertical and lateral load resistance in mind regardless of their size or location.

First, vertical loads have an upward and downward inclination. The typical applications for vertical loads are:

  • Lofts
  • Deck systems
  • Second stories
  • Snow on top of the building
  • The weight of the building

Second, lateral loads, such as powerful winds and seismic activity, act in a direction parallel to the ground. These forces have an unlimited range of motion. The pole barn must therefore be built to bear loads that are parallel and perpendicular to any wall.

Evidently, the strength of a pole barn can be compromised by just one “weak link.” Thus, each component of the building must be sturdy enough to support these projected design loads.

Can A Pole Barn Have A Flat Roof?

Contrary to popular belief, pole buildings can be affordable structures, depending on the general interior and exterior features you choose. A few conditions apply to pole barn roofs as well. Although flat roof options are not the most popular option, your building can still have one.

To begin with, level flat roofs are probably not the most cost-effective option for pole construction. A flat, level roof needs stronger structural parts, such as purlins and trusses, to support the maximum potential snow load.

The slope and shape of the roof affect the building’s snow load resisting capacity. A steeply pitched roof will accumulate less snow in comparison to a flat or shallow roof.

Inaccurate snow load calculations during the design phase of your pole barns construction could lead to problems later on, including:

  • Your roof may start to sag as a result of the weight it was under.
  • A sagging roof may begin to leak.
  • Lumber can develop cracks.
  • The exterior brickwork and inside drywall could start to fracture.
  • Columns, rafters, headers, truss components, and purlins can bow.
  • Sliding windows and doors might not be able to open properly or at all.

The structural design phase is essential because of these problems. It is better to think about the effects now rather than deal with them later. The longer you spend developing the means, the less time you’ll spend fixing the pole barn.

Are You Going to Select A Flat Roof For Your Pole Barn?

You should have a better idea of how a flat roof can impact your post-frame building by now. Please keep in mind that a pole barn’s strength depends on the strength of its weakest part. Thus, before making a purchase, you must take into account every component of the building’s system.

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