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The term “pole barn” is often used interchangeably with “post-frame building.” Post-frame construction is the method of building what is commonly referred to as pole barns. Post frame is the construction method, and pole barn is just one of the results. Post-frame construction should not be thought of as a simple, rectangular structure hidden behind a farmhouse.

If built by professional post-frame builders, these buildings can not only have a beautiful appearance but also offer flexibility and efficiency. But what distinguishes them from one another? Let us address

the question on which we can all agree to disagree. Is a pole barn the same as a post-frame structure?

What Does Post-Frame Construction Mean?

In post-frame construction, columns made of specially engineered, prefabricated laminated wood are typically placed 8 feet in the middle of the building. The posts are the primary vertical framing component in all post-frame buildings and are typically connected with wood sidewall girts. The posts are buried 4 to 6 feet deep to provide support.

These supporting elements aid in transferring wind and snow loads to the base. Additionally, post-frame buildings don’t need to have what is known as a “continuous foundation” poured, which streamlines the building process and lowers costs all around.

Advantages Of Post Frame

Post-frame construction is well-known for its design flexibility and ease of construction. A post-frame structure does not require load-bearing walls due to its interlocking frame and support columns, resulting in wide-open interiors that are malleable to one’s vision. They are also simple to build as they are frequently pre-engineered to allow for a quick and efficient framing process.

Post-frame buildings require fewer materials and labour to construct than conventionally framed buildings, making them a good investment for clients looking for a low-cost structure that can be built quickly. People like post-frame barns because they are a low-cost yet versatile alternative to stick-frame and post-and-beam structures.

Post-frame barns are typically less expensive and faster to build as they do not require a foundation or basement. This construction method is also appropriate for large, low-rise structures, making it an excellent choice for commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. Post-frame buildings are a viable option for many buyers looking for a barn due to their spacious interiors, sturdy framework, and low cost.

Understanding Pole Barn Framing

The name “pole barn” comes from the type of lumber used, which is typically one or more large pieces of wood. For a while, the term “pole” had a very specific meaning; many pole barns were constructed using recycled wood and old telephone poles. The result was a quick, simple, and useful structure, and the builders saved money.

However, this strategy has flaws as well. Even a newly installed post can rot, warp, or split over time due to weather, structural stress, and time. Termites, in particular, can cause an infestation of insects. And durability can be a bit of a crapshoot depending on the techniques used by the particular builder, the calibre of the materials, and the site’s attributes.

Is A Pole Barn The Same As A Post-Frame Structure?

Both yes and no. The term “pole barn” is frequently used to describe post-frame structures, but pole barns are now extremely rare. We accept the fact that this phrase will always be used. The key difference is ensuring that our clients know it’s necessary to recognize that the “poles” they’re referring to are square.

The laminated columns, or “poles,” that each post frame builder offers you will vary depending on who you select as your builder.

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Which One Should You Pick?

We’ve already talked about some of the advantages that both types of construction share, as well as some of the drawbacks of pole barns. On the one hand, better building materials and more advanced construction methods do indeed cost more money.

However, what exactly are you getting for your money? This cross-lamination results in a structure that is stronger, safer, and more durable than a typical pole barn due to wood treatments, careful site preparation, and paying closer attention to joints and fasteners.

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