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Distinguishing Traits Of A Reputed Post-Frame Builder

The rising vogue of post-frame construction due to its unending list of fiscal and environmental benefits has made it the preferred building technique of every project owner. From large-scale commercial construction projects such as hotels and fancy restaurants to one-story homes and agricultural buildings, post-frame construction is applicable to every type of project.

Owing to its immense versatility and promising durability, construction project owners swiftly take the words of any building contractor who promises to erect a post-frame building for them. But sadly, many did not get to enjoy the fruits of their investment.


Because lucrative business opportunities in the post-frame construction industry prompted every random and shady building contractor to jump into the realm without even ensuring whether they had what it takes to handle such a project. In an attempt to make short-term profits, they robbed project owners of their hard-earned money and provide subpar quality work.

In the end, even the most reputed post-frame construction contractors bore the consequences of the resulting negative publicity from the deceitful actions.

As thoughtful leaders and authentic post-frame builders, we believe it is our duty to educate project owners and save them from such losses. The only way to save construction project owners from such frauds is if they hire a well–reputed and certified post-frame builder for the job.

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In this blog post, we shall discuss the distinguishing traits of a reputed post-frame builder to help you as a project owner.

Licensure And Ability To Secure Building Permits

Before looking at anything else, even a contractor’s portfolio, you first need to ensure whether they have the license to operate as a construction contractor. Clearly, this is the step where most project owners make a mistake. People believe that as long as a company has a physical office and ‘looks’ professional, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, you don’t know what modern con artists are capable of. For this reason, politely requesting your prospective post-frame construction contractor to share their credentials and certifications should be the first thing that you do.

Depending upon the nature and type of project, you may also require certain permits before commencing the work. Thus, it would pay off well if you were to ask your construction contractor whether they can secure the relevant development and building permits for you. Remember, each city has a different set of permit rules. Hence, your post-frame builder must be able to help you attain the relevant permits in Edmonton.

A Diverse And Experienced Team Of Engineers, Subcontractors, And Site Workers

Next up, you need to ensure that the post-frame construction contractor in question has what it takes to diligently complete your project. Surely, licenses and permits are of no value if the team does not have the necessary skills to handle your project. Therefore, you must also attain a detailed understanding of the crew’s expertise.

Preferably, a good post-frame builder should have a diverse team of engineers, trained site workers, and other subcontractors.

Proven Industry Exposure And Post-Frame Construction Portfolio

Expertise goes hand in hand with experience, so how can we let you forget it? Besides scrutinizing the expertise of individual team members, also have a look at the post-frame construction company’s collective experience in the realm. Has the company handled similar post-frame construction projects in the past? Are they well-versed in the techniques?

The only way to get your answers is to request their work portfolio. Reputed post-frame construction contractors like Premium built will proudly display their projects in their online gallery.

Integrity And Commitment To Compliance

Being in trouble with the law is something every construction project owner dreads. Most of the time, building disputes arise due to the non-compliance of the construction company. As a result, you must take the time to evaluate whether your prospective post-frame construction contractor has had any legal disputes before.

Additionally, you could also get a detailed overview of their written commitment to compliance. This would include adherence to safety standards, building regulations, site clearing and inspection protocols, etc.

A List Of Independent Testimonials And Referrals

To further boost your confidence in a prospective post-frame construction contractor, you will need a final provocation. This push is usually in the form of independent reviews and testimonials. While you can find testimonials on the post-frame builder’s website, reviews are often present on third-party platforms.

A Wide Range Of Complementary Services

Lastly, construction is not the only thing that you will need to look into. Ultimately, you will have to hire other contractors for lighting and electrical installations. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to find everything under one roof? The latter is exactly what sets a professional post-frame construction contractor apart from the crowd.

These contractors offer a wide range of high-end construction services, including electrical and lighting services.

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