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Post-frame structures are becoming quite popular among agricultural building contractors. Many build post-frame structures on their farms to keep their animals and other agricultural goods safe.

Post-frame buildings are a type of construction in which a wooden structure is built on different types of foundations.

The reason post-frame structures are becoming popular is because of the innumerable advantages that they offer.

Lower construction cost, minimum maintenance, maximum efficiency, and fast construction are just a few of the benefits post-frame buildings offer.

So if you are planning to build a post-frame structure, hire a certified post-frame building contractor , as only the professionals will know how to build such complex structures properly.

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There are a lot of things that go into the construction of post-frame buildings, from equipment to the material that is going to be used; all of this needs to be planned beforehand because everything needs to be spot on in order to build the perfect post-frame structure.

Since it is a wooden structure, hence the wood plays an integral part. This blog post will outline the four unique types of lumber that are used to build post-frame structures.


SPF, also known as spruce-pine-fir, is wood made with the combination of subalpine fir, engelmann spruce, and lodgepole pine.

This unique type of lumber comes from the coniferous trees found in Canada and the United States.

The spruce-pine-fir is popular due to its lightweight and being versatile. Moreover, the lumber’s surface is smooth like silk, making it perfect for interior finishings.

The spruce pine-fir, unlike the southern yellow pine, is not pressure-treated; the boards are perfectly dried, which provides extra resistance and strength to the lumber.

Since post-frame structures have to face hard weather conditions, they need to be built with robust lumber.

So due to its immense strength and resistance, SPF is used by certified post-frame building contractors to build post-frame structures.

Southern Yellow Pine

The SYP southern yellow pine is of the highest quality softwood lumber. It comes from the southern United States, which is why it is called southern yellow pine.

The southern yellow pine is a unique kind of lumber that is highly dense and durable. These unique qualities make SYP the best choice for commercial, agricultural and residential construction.

Since the southern yellow pine is very dense, it becomes easier for certified post-frame building contractors to fasten nails and screws in the structure.

The southern yellow pine is excellent for pressure treatment and is the largest pressure-treated lumber made in the United States. Moreover, its golden hue and grain pattern adds to its natural beauty.

Many post-frame building contractors use southern yellow pine to build agricultural and industrial post-frame structures.

Douglas Fir

One of the most durable softwoods is the douglas fir; this lumber is found in the Pacific Northwest. It is used to build post-frame structures as it becomes highly durable when exposed to the outside elements.

The douglas fir is resistant to water damage which helps in the premature aging of the lumber. Moreover, it is best known for its structural properties, making it a popular wood choice during post-frame building construction.


This is one of the most notable types of softwood used to build post-frame structures. Due to its natural beauty, Cedar enhances the overall aesthetic of post-frame buildings, making it popular among construction contractors.

Moreover, this type of lumber does not swell, warp, decay, or shrink, and even absorbs noise. All of these attributes make it a popular choice of wood during post-frame structure construction.

So if you are planning to build a post-frame structure for agricultural, residential, or commercial use, you should consider hiring a certified post-frame building contractor as only they will know of the perfect type of wood to use for your wooden structure.

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