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Post Frame Construction

The Smart Choice for Your Building Needs in Western Canada

When it comes to building a durable, cost-effective, and versatile structure, post frame construction stands out as a top choice. At Premium Built Structures, we specialize in creating custom post frame buildings tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients in Western Canada. 

Post Frame Acreage / Residential Builds

Post Frame Agricultural Builds

Post Frame Mixed Use Builds

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Post Frame Commercial Builds

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What is Post Frame Construction?

Post frame construction is a building method that uses large, widely spaced posts to support the structure. These posts are anchored into the ground or attached to a concrete base, providing a strong and stable foundation. The walls and roof are then attached to these posts, creating a durable and flexible building.


Benefits of Post Frame Construction


  • Fewer Materials: Post frame buildings require fewer materials than traditional stick-frame buildings, reducing overall costs.
  • Less Labor: The construction process is simpler and faster, resulting in lower labor costs.
  • No Continuous Foundation: Unlike traditional buildings, post frame structures do not require a continuous poured foundation, saving on concrete and labor costs.

Quick Construction

  • Faster Build Times: Pre-engineered components and simpler construction methods allow for quicker build times.
  • Year-Round Construction: Post-frame buildings can be constructed in any season, including winter, which is beneficial for clients with tight schedules.


  • Flexible Design: The large, open spaces created by post frame construction are ideal for a variety of uses, including agricultural buildings, commercial spaces, and residential homes.
  • Easy Expansion: Adding to a post-frame building is straightforward, making it easy to expand as your needs grow.


  • Strong and Stable: Post frame buildings are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy snow, strong winds, and extreme temperatures.
  • Long-Lasting Materials: The use of treated wood and metal components ensures that post frame buildings are resistant to rot, pests, and other common issues.

Energy Efficiency

  • Better Insulation: The wide spacing of the posts allows for more insulation, reducing energy costs and improving overall energy efficiency.
  • Reduced Thermal Breaks: Fewer studs mean fewer points for heat to escape, keeping your building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
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Build Your Future with Us – Get a Quote Today!

What Our Customers Say

We had two pole sheds built by Premium Built Structures. They did a great job . Very professional work and very good to deal with. I would have no problem recommending them to do your work.

Ray RajotteEdmonton, Alberta

We had a positive experience from the planning stage all the way through the construction of shop. Any questions were handled quickly and the guys were all professional. We are super happy with our shop and it was a much needed addition that if we had known how easy it was to go through process we would have done it years earlier. Thank you!

Randy and Rhonda GrahamViking, Alberta

Premium Bult Structures did great work for me. The workmanship was excellent. Crew was easy to work with. Price was very competitive. Have had very positive feed back from people seeing the building and have passed on Premium’s name to others looking for a building.

Darryl Marler- Ardossan, AB

Premium Built Structures managed to get my building down to a price I considered reasonable after many unsuccessful attempts with other builders. I was very happy with the progress and workmanship of the crew. The building was framed and finished in under 4 weeks. I have and will continue to recommend Premium to anyone I know looking to put up a building.

Brett LawMaverick Holdings Ltd

I was super happy with the project start to finish. The crew was organized and kept things moving forward at a proper pace. The final product was impeccable. What really impressed me though, was how neat and tidy they kept the job site on a daily basis. I look forward to working with Premium again in the future.

Ivan SmithBig Bend Bison Ranch