Project Details

This farm building/shop project, nestled in Homeglen, Alberta, is an exemplar of modern post frame construction. The building, tailored for agricultural and workshop purposes, stands out with its functional design and robust structure. Key aspects of the project include:

  • Multi-Functional Space: The building is designed to serve as both a farm building and a shop, providing a versatile space for agricultural storage and workshop activities.
  • Post Frame Construction: Embracing the efficiency of post frame construction, this project utilizes fewer materials and labor compared to traditional methods, leading to cost savings and enhanced efficiency.
  • Spacious Interior: With dimensions of 40 feet in width, 60 feet in length, and 14 feet in height, the structure offers a generous interior space, optimizing it for a range of uses from equipment storage to workshop activities.

Project Overview

  • Completion Date: October 2023
  • Location: Homeglen, Alberta
  • Building Type: Farm Building/Shop
  • Construction Style: Post Frame Building

Building Dimensions:

  • Width: 40 feet
  • Length: 60 feet
  • Height: 14 feet

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