Project Details

In Rimbey, Alberta, a new residential build project stands as a hallmark of modern post frame construction. This residence, completed in October 2023, showcases a blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal in a residential setting. Here’s a snapshot of what this project entails:

  • Residential Focus: Designed as a residential building, this structure brings the efficiency and sturdiness of post frame construction into a comfortable living space.
  • Efficient Construction Style: The post frame building method used in this project ensures a cost-effective and time-efficient construction process, making it an ideal choice for residential builds.
  • Optimized Space Design: With dimensions of 30 feet wide, 60 feet long, and 12 feet high, the building offers ample space, optimized for residential use and comfort.

Project Overview

  • Completion Date: October 2023
  • Location: Rimbey, Alberta
  • Building Type: Residential Build
  • Construction Style: Post Frame Building

Building Dimensions:

  • Width: 30 feet
  • Length: 60 feet
  • Height: 12 feet

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