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If you are interested in constructing a post-frame building, it is likely that you will compare price quotes.

When acquiring a vehicle, home, insurance, education, streaming services, etc, we shop around. Therefore, it is logical that you would do the same for your post-frame project.

When planning to build a post-frame building, make sure you hire a professional post-frame builder from a certified post-frame construction company.

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Before you choose a post-frame construction company based on price alone, you should choose one that meets these five criteria.

Your Post-Frame Builder Is An Expert

In terms of expertise, you should select a construction company with 20+ years of post-frame industry experience. This shows that they can adapt to a constantly changing economy and environment, even in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

Now is an excellent time to inquire about your pole barn builder’s construction process. Then they’ll show off their product’s innovative features that set them apart from their competition.

You should also choose a company that is a member of the National Building Code. Members of this organization specialize in post-frame construction and are committed to using sound methods and ethical business practices.

Consider it a plus if your post-frame builder provides repairs and renovations. While we wish our post-frame structures were invincible, aging and damage are unavoidable. It is extremely beneficial to have an expert assess the situation.

They Must Adapt A Consultative Approach

First, a competent post-frame builder will prioritize developing a trustworthy relationship with their clients, regardless of whether or not you have chosen to construct your building with them.

Using open-ended questions and active listening, they will identify answers to the buyer’s problems. Through dialogue, you will discover that two parties are building a partnership.

Nobody knows your farming enterprise or retail business better than you do. Moreover, they may even provide answers to questions you were unaware you had.

Trust must be established immediately through a consultative process.

They Are Code-Compliant

The post-frame structure of your pole barn needs to follow all local, provincial, and national building codes.

Remember that the requirements of the building code are just the bare minimum. You’ll need to strike a compromise between structural integrity and budget constraints.

But you aren’t a professional when it comes to ensuring the safety of pole barns. A reputable post-frame builder will give you detailed construction plans and stamped, licensed engineer drawings that will show the most important parts of the building.

Therefore, make sure you hire a certified post-frame builder, as only professional building contractors will comply with all building codes.

They Are Certified And Trained

Choose a good foreman. Even if a team doesn’t always need an engineer (PE), the foreman should have the right training to be able to build and fix problems according to the plans and with the help of a licensed post-frame builder.

How can you tell if a team is well-trained and can interpret a PE’s plans? If you are looking to build a pole barn, find a builder who has been approved by the National Research Council Of Canada.

A post-frame builder must get 12 continuing education units (CEUs) from one or more of its employees every two years in order to maintain NBC accreditation. Ask about the continued training of your builder.

They Use High-Quality Materials

In the field of post-frame construction, building materials are forever improving. The ideal post-frame builder will raise the bar when it comes to quality in the post-frame construction sector.

To give every consumer the best experience, certified post-frame construction companies search for and use the best materials. Every year, new technology is created. The top post-frame builders put it to the test and modify it to enhance their work.

About Premium Built Structures

Premium Built Structures is a professional building company in Alberta. We have a team of experienced and trained builders who deal with all types of building styles, such as post-frame construction.

If you are considering using a post-frame building for your commercial or industrial building, you should contact us to get more information.

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