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It is not an easy nor a normal operation to hire an electrical building contractor to complete a project for your company. When working with facility electrical systems, there truly is no room for error, regardless of the scale of the project your company is working on.

Remember, even the smallest initiatives need to work with systems that your company relies on constantly and cannot function without. Even though it may be a regular part of your business strategy to look for ways to increase productivity and optimize savings, cheaping out an electrical contractor to try to save some money is never a good idea.

Therefore, you need to slow down and think about who you will employ to undertake important electrical work at your place of business. This is true even if your cousin knows a guy or an old buddy who used to work for an electrician a few years ago.

However, how can you choose a reliable electrical contractor?

Starting with the following straightforward questions can help you find the best commercial electrical installation provider for your company. Before you pick up the phone to speak with a commercial electrician about your upcoming project, consider what information is most important for you to learn about the business you are considering hiring. Make sure to inquire about the following:

Do You Have Your Electrician Licence And Permits?

Asking to see a copy of an electrician’s operating license is one of the most crucial inquiries. Anyone can claim to be qualified, but it’s another thing entirely to be able to show you tangible evidence.

Confirm again to be sure the licensing period is still in effect and has not already expired. You should inquire about a master’s license if your home needs extensive rewiring. An electrician is now able to work on a job’s design and implementation components.

A journeyman electrician is only permitted to install electric features if they hold this license. Keep in mind that each province will have its own set standards for licensing.

You should also inquire about any necessary permits for the task in question, as well as the electrician’s willingness to get these permits on your behalf. You and the electrician can get in trouble for working without permission.

Be aware that getting these permissions is an electrician’s responsibility, not yours!

Do You Have Insurance Verification?

Any type of contractor working on or within your property must have insurance, period. Always make sure to inquire about contractor liability insurance coverage if alterations are being made to your property, especially those of an electrical type.

You want to have the assurance that accidents are covered in case something goes wrong and damages your house or hurts a resident inside.

Do You Have Any References Who Can Be Reached?

Nothing is more effective than a word-of-mouth referral when it comes to a contract job. Keep in mind that you have every right to inquire about references from past customers.

A genuine phone number should be provided, and you should call it personally. Inquire about the electrician’s level of service, the quality of their work, their punctuality, and whether their prices are reasonable.

Don’t discount the value of first-hand recommendations while trying to make a final selection!

Have You Given The Job A Rough Estimate?

License, permissions, and references who can be reached are all very necessary, but so is money. After all, you want to be able to employ an electrician that you can afford!

Asking an electrician for a ballpark figure on how much a job will cost has no negative effects. A word of caution: if their quote seems a little exaggerated in comparison to others you may have seen, take this as a warning sign. This indicates that they are assuming you haven’t conducted your market research on reasonable costs for the job you seek.

However, keep in mind that hiring an electrician who offers a quote below the market rate is also not the best choice. Professional building contractors provide affordable LED packages for electrical installations.

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What Kind of Job Guarantee Do You Provide?

You want to have the assurance that a guarantee is in place should something go wrong after a job is finished when it comes to major electrical work.

A reliable electrician needs to provide a guarantee that entitles you to free, unlimited contact with them whenever a problem arises. Although this warranty period is typically only in effect for a short amount of time, a job guarantee is nonetheless significant.

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