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Custom Material Packages

Transforming Ideas into Structures: All-In-One Custom Material Solutions

Our building packages are assembled in-house right at our shop in Lacombe County. We help you design the building you’re looking for and then we engineer and design the plans. We put together detailed guides and drawings based on the design. We offer on site assistance and foundation support to get your building off to the right start. These packages are a cost effective option for someone who has the expertise to assemble themselves. Agricultural, Commercial or Residential building materials delivered to you on time.

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We Choose Quality Materials For A Quality Product

  • Laminated Posts: 3,4&5 ply green Treated with optional pole saver sleeves or Greenpost engineered columns. 
  • Foundation Choices: Perma-columns and frost-wall brackets, on slab, gravel or poured concrete. 
  • Trusses: Architecturally engineered to exact specifications.
  • Floor Systems: Reliable and engineered OSB rim board, teleposts, laminated beams and more.
  • Wall Panelling: Prefabricated walls for easy assembly.
  • Doors and Windows: Premium custom fit options including double and triple pane.
  • Insulation: Any R-Value options in batt, blow-in, spray foam & rigid.
  • Trim and Metal Sheeting: Custom ordered in any color with several profile options. We bend our own trim in-house. 
  • Fasteners & Screws: Made with premium steel for a durable product.
Professional Value-Added Services

Services Included With Your Building Package

  • Design & Engineering: Professional drafting and design followed by sealed engineered drawings so permitting is a simple process. 
  • Precise Detailed Guides: Showing material placements on the structure to reference during assembly. 
  • DIY Support: Our team offers on site support through every phase. 
  • Pre Cut & Marked Material: To precision so there is no guesswork involved.
  • Overhead Door Service: Solutions including installation and maintenance.
  • Project Coordination: Materials delivered on time as well as on site assistance during project kick-off.
  • Foundation Support: Expertise in drilling and setting of posts.

We have a commitment to excellent customer service and project success. Our client and value centered approach to our work encompasses all aspects of our business. We are here to help you achieve your project goals and make your dream building a reality.