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Did you know that commercial overhead doors are different from residential overhead doors? The main difference is in the size and lift type. Premium Built Structures serves its customers with premium quality and custom-built overhead doors of your choice.

If you are considering buying overhead doors for your commercial machine sheds or residential buildings, make sure you consider one that offers quality construction backed by a hardware warranty.

At Premium Built, we offer the following overhead doors options:

  • Solid panel
  • Glass inserts
  • Polycarbonate
  • Counter and security shutters
  • Single-panel overhead door
  • High-speed overhead door

Our commercial overhead door hardware can withstand multiple openings and closings throughout the business workday. The overhead doors we design meet OSHA requirements and are manufactured using thicker steel than what's used for garage doors for your homes. Moreover, our expert door makers and technicians use their experience to form top-quality overhead doors.

Upgrading your doors to our overhead doors can offer you great benefits such as:

  • Our overhead doors give better security to your residential or commercial garages.
  • We build sturdy doors meant to withstand every weather condition.
  • Along with strength, our doors offer better energy efficiency.
  • It also increases your property's curb appeal, which can be beneficial if you wish to re-sell it.
  • Our top-quality overhead doors give better protection against fire.

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