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Premium Foundations for Lasting Construction

These are tried, tested, and true products for all building foundations.

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Frost Wall Engineered Brackets

Specially designed for the post construction industry, these brackets are made to connect posts to concrete formed walls, slabs, or monolithic columns. They come in two designs, wet or dry adhesion. Using rebar anchors sunken into the foundation during the pour process or special concrete bolts to attach brackets after concrete has set. Posts are then fitted directly into the bracket and attached using GRK screws. Made using North American steel product and finished in powder coating.

Postwrap Sleeves

Comes optional with all in-ground posts. A two part system using a bitumen inner coating and plastic outer wrap coating which seals in pressure treatment. and locks out moisture, fungus and soil from interacting with post material. The product encompases our laminated columns and is heat shrunken in place allowing the bitumen to penetrate the wood. This product has been independently tested to extend the lifespan on in-ground posts by 20 years. This product is ideal for builds such as trailer storage, or livestock shelters where concrete may not be ideal or cost effective.


Precast concrete pillars are integrated with rebar inserted brackets which run the entire length of the column. This creates an all in one system to keep wood posts out of the ground and rot out of the posts. The concrete is a proprietary mixture using microfibers which adds shock resistance. Microsilica adds erosion resistance and a corrosion inhibitor is added to protect the rebar from rust. A final additive is included to protect from freeze – thaw cycles. All this means these column are rated to be three times stronger than standard concrete mix.

Screw Pilings

Steel helical anchoring system is an option that does require excavation and minimal ground disturbance, which makes it an ideal solution if construction needs to take place in close proximity to other buildings or infrastructure. Screw pilings are cost effective and easy to install. The building is leveled on top of the pilings and built in the same way as any other foundation.

Laminated Posts

Our quality product for all post frame buildings that can be installed using brackets or in ground. 3,4 & 5 ply laminated posts using green treated Canadian lumber. Multi ply solution determines the maximum height of the building’s ceiling.


A proprietary product available to Premium Built Structures. These posts are polyethylene wrapped over a bitumen coating. Notches are added to resist wind lift. This post can be installed without any added special anchors. A durable solution to in-ground posts.

Why Choose Premium Built Structures?

Located owned and operated, in the heart of central Alberta, we offer services throughout the province to British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Premium upholds the values of transparency, honesty and commitment. We understand that each customer’s needs are unique. Our strict quality controls standards have put us apart from other builders. We hire and directly manage and train all build crews and so all buildings are constructed to our high standards. We offer custom in-house made trim and several products unique to our company. 

Begin with a strong foundation. Explore our premium options and let's start building!

What Our Customers Say

We had two pole sheds built by Premium Built Structures. They did a great job . Very professional work and very good to deal with. I would have no problem recommending them to do your work.

Ray RajotteEdmonton, Alberta

We had a positive experience from the planning stage all the way through the construction of shop. Any questions were handled quickly and the guys were all professional. We are super happy with our shop and it was a much needed addition that if we had known how easy it was to go through process we would have done it years earlier. Thank you!

Randy and Rhonda GrahamViking, Alberta

Premium Bult Structures did great work for me. The workmanship was excellent. Crew was easy to work with. Price was very competitive. Have had very positive feed back from people seeing the building and have passed on Premium’s name to others looking for a building.

Darryl Marler- Ardossan, AB

Premium Built Structures managed to get my building down to a price I considered reasonable after many unsuccessful attempts with other builders. I was very happy with the progress and workmanship of the crew. The building was framed and finished in under 4 weeks. I have and will continue to recommend Premium to anyone I know looking to put up a building.

Brett LawMaverick Holdings Ltd

I was super happy with the project start to finish. The crew was organized and kept things moving forward at a proper pace. The final product was impeccable. What really impressed me though, was how neat and tidy they kept the job site on a daily basis. I look forward to working with Premium again in the future.

Ivan SmithBig Bend Bison Ranch