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Foundations and posts are necessary for the strength and overall functionality of any building. It is not wrong to say that a building is only as strong as its foundation. Whether it is a residential storage building, airplane hangar, animal shelter, or manufacturing plant, these structures need to be strong and well-built to stand the test of time and natural calamities.

Are you looking for a strong and functional foundation for your building? Post and foundation options provided by Premium can help you achieve your target easily. Select the type of post and foundation options we offer and trust us for its perfect placement.


Foundation options

The foundation options that we provide include:

  • Post Saver Wraps: These include the wrapping of the foundation with Bituminous paper using the heat shrink application method.
  • Screw Pilings: This is a ground anchoring and stabilizing system. It works well for structures that require a deep foundation.
  • Perma Column: This is a technique that lays the bottom 6’ of the post in the concrete and has no wood in the foundation.
  • Laminated Posts: These are the pressure-treated laminated glue posts that add extra strength due to their extra adherence power.
  • Sturdy Wall Columns: This is an engineered anchoring system used to attach the post to the concrete foundations of the building.

Why Choose Us?

We are an experienced Alberta-based construction company serving our customers across western Canada. We provide the best customer service and a wide range of service options for you to choose from. Our experts can not only build and construct but also provide you with quality insights about the type of posts and foundations that will work best for your building.