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Where Vision Meets Structure: Going Above And Beyond Each Build

Protecting your assets and growing your business

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Post Frame

Affordable and robust. An all purpose design for a variety of uses.

Stud Frame

Ideal for residential spaces, maximizing land use. Affordable and fully customizable.

Three Distinct Construction Methods

We understand a post frame building isn’t only an investment in your business, it is protection for you assets, prized possessions, livestock or family.

If you are looking for a commercial shop, store, or a simple livestock shelter we are fully committed to every stage and customer satisfaction. Post frame buildings are a cost effective and durable solution for many building needs.

We offer three distinct construction designs, each with their unique strengths.  Each building is fully constructed using high quality materials often manufactured right here in Alberta. We offer fully engineered buildings (not only trusses).

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Post Frame Construction

This all purpose design is perfect for many projects. Cost effective and durable because it uses less material than stud framed buildings, thereby saving on material and labour. Laminated treated posts are set either in ground or on a concrete frost-wall or column using engineered brackets. The options for this type of build are unlimited. The all encompassing “shouse” combines living space with the convenience of workspace just a few steps away. Because of the increased depth of the walls, insulation is more effective, reducing heat loss. Livestock shelters, riding arenas or commercial spaces are just a few of the ideal applications for this type of construction. We design and engineer each building based on your primary use.

Stud Frame Construction

This style is characterized by vertical framing members or wall studs.  Stud frames provide optimal land utilization with the potential for below ground square foot usage. This style allows for the best of both worlds. Durable metal cladding, overhead doors combined with maximizing usable space. This option is perfect for residential builds, storefronts, mixed use buildings or barndominiums.

40x50x16 residential post frame built in Red Deer, Alberta.

Guaranteed Quality and Durability

The process is one of transparency and accountability.
Building codes change over time and so to do our standards. We provide customers with the option for fully engineered buildings. Each building comes with a full set of technical drawings with an engineer stamp of approval. During design, physical stress such as potential snow loading, wind speeds, as well we take into account that each buildsite is unique. Soil type, grade, and microclimate are all included in simulations. Because such thought and care is taken during the beginning of the process, this accounts for longevity of our buildings for generations to come.

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What Our Customers Say

We had two pole sheds built by Premium Built Structures. They did a great job . Very professional work and very good to deal with. I would have no problem recommending them to do your work.

Ray RajotteEdmonton, Alberta

We had a positive experience from the planning stage all the way through the construction of shop. Any questions were handled quickly and the guys were all professional. We are super happy with our shop and it was a much needed addition that if we had known how easy it was to go through process we would have done it years earlier. Thank you!

Randy and Rhonda GrahamViking, Alberta

Premium Bult Structures did great work for me. The workmanship was excellent. Crew was easy to work with. Price was very competitive. Have had very positive feed back from people seeing the building and have passed on Premium’s name to others looking for a building.

Darryl Marler- Ardossan, AB

Premium Built Structures managed to get my building down to a price I considered reasonable after many unsuccessful attempts with other builders. I was very happy with the progress and workmanship of the crew. The building was framed and finished in under 4 weeks. I have and will continue to recommend Premium to anyone I know looking to put up a building.

Brett LawMaverick Holdings Ltd

I was super happy with the project start to finish. The crew was organized and kept things moving forward at a proper pace. The final product was impeccable. What really impressed me though, was how neat and tidy they kept the job site on a daily basis. I look forward to working with Premium again in the future.

Ivan SmithBig Bend Bison Ranch

Crafted for Canada, designed for you. Dive deep into our construction styles, and let's shape the future