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When it comes to agricultural construction, spring and summer are normally favored for building projects. However there’s a compelling case for considering winter as an opportunity to schedule your building project. This blog explores why winter might be the ideal season to start your farm building.

70x152x18 Farm and Equipment Storage

Farm/Equipment Storage

30x60x10 Post Frame Farm Building, Spruce View, Alberta

Farm Building/Shop

Agriculture Riding Arena

28x36x12 Post Frame Trailer Shelter, Lacombe, Alberta

Trailer Shelter

24 X 36 X 15 Horse Shelter

Horse Shelter

Hay Shed/Storage

80 x 120 x 20 Cattle Barn


80x180x16 post frame Agricultural cold storage building built in Rockview County, Alberta.

Agriculture Cold Storage



1.   Cost Savings: 

Winter is typically the off season in the construction industry. Lower demand for materials during these months leads to more competitive pricing or special offers from manufacturing companies. It also means greater availability of materials, so there is little risk of stock shortages. Taking advantage of this pricing means more options and upgrades available for your project. Upgrade to triple pane windows, or add an extra overhead door to the long side of your building.

2.   Planning Around Farming Schedules

Spring through fall is a busy time for our farm customers. From spring calving, seeding, spraying and harvest, there isn’t much time for additional projects. A new farm building ready by spring can provide immediate shelter for your livestock and equipment. These structures will protect against harsh weather during the late winter and early spring storms. We can help improve your livestocks’ well-being as well extend the life of machinery and equipment. And when unplanned repairs happen, you’ll have a place to fix what you need to.

3.   Climate Advantages: 

Alberta has a unique climate from winter storms north of Edmonton to chinooks in the Calgary region, and everything in between. For all of winter’s perceived challenges, it is easier to keep a construction site dry during winter snowfall than it is during spring runoff. There are several cold weather construction methods and technology we use to properly excavate ground during the winter. Ground heaters, insulated construction blankets as well as taking advantage of warm days are all tools we use to drill and move earth during the winter.

4.   Scheduling availability 

We often book our spring projects early into the new year. By taking advantage of the slower season coming into the winter, it means you don’t need to wait as long for your project to be scheduled and completed. Our decreased workload means greater flexibility and time to focus on your project. And more time means greater attention to detail.

5.   Efficiency in Permitting: 

The majority of people schedule their projects for the spring and summer, creating a backlog of County permitting.  During the winter, with fewer people beginning their construction projects, your permit application will be approved quicker.

Winter construction offers numerous advantages, from cost savings to faster completion times. Understanding the impact of seasonality on construction can help you plan around your busy schedule. You can turn the colder months into an advantage for your farm building projects in central Alberta

Why Choose Premium Built Structures?

At Premium Built Structures we stand out for our expertise in constructing high-quality, durable, and affordable farm buildings. We focus on customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and within budget. 

If you are considering a winter building project, reach out to our knowledgeable staff. We are ready to answer all your questions and help you design your building. We offer fully customizable options including several overhead door types, flooring systems, finished interiors, and more.

Contact Premium Built Structures today to begin planning your farm building project this winter.

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