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Which Type Of Door Is Right For Your Pole Barn?

If you think that the type of door you pick for your pole barn does not matter and won’t make a difference, you’re wrong. One of the most important decisions when building a pole barn for any purpose is the type of door you will use. They not only affect the pole barn but also have a significant impact on its functionality.

Choosing the right type of door for your barn and that from a reputed post frame builder should not be an under-thought decision as it has a significant effect on the overall integrity of your pole barn. In this blog, we shall explore some options that can help you choose the right type of pole barn door.

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Key Things To Consider When Picking A Pole Barn Door

To choose the right type of door for your pole barn, it is necessary to consider the purpose for which the barn will be used. You should consider the following factors:

How Often Will You Be Using The Doors

First of all, you should consider how frequently the door will be used. Once a week for machine sheds or daily for an agricultural building with equipment going in and out. Determining the frequency of use and comparing it with its ease of use can help you choose the best door for your barn.

What Size Of Equipment Will Be Going Through The Gateway

Knowing features such as the correct size of door you may need is essential to choosing the right type of door for you. The size of the opening will depend on which type of door you should select. So, knowing what size of equipment will be moved through the gateway can help you make a wise decision regarding your barn door.

What Do You Want Your Building To Look Like?

The type of door you pick for your barn can enhance the functionality of your barn and improve its design and finished look or completely break it. You should decide the style and the functionality you want your door to provide to match the overlook of your barn and to enhance the finished look.

Here are a few of the many door options at your disposal:

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a great option if you want more doors for less money. They are wider than other types of doors and allow you to take advantage of the entire building’s clearance height. Although there are many advantages to sliding doors, they lack convenience and comfort.

Sliding doors have to be manually opened and closed, making it difficult to access the building. Thus, if you require frequent access to a building, you should keep the latter in mind.

Although sliding doors provide many customization options, you should consider ensuring that there is enough room for the door to slide open. Most sliding doors are used for machine sheds and livestock barns.

Overhead Doors

Overhead doors are very popular for the convenience they provide for day-to-day use. They work like a traditional garage door with automatic control ability that allows users to easily control it without even getting out of their vehicle. This can be a very convenient option for farmers after a long hectic workday.

Overhead doors can help protect the equipment kept inside your building and your building. They also can help to maintain the best temperature inside your building, along with insulation and a tight seal.

Although they are smaller than other types of doors, their standard size is often enough for most buildings. Overhead doors provide many customization options and give an immaculate and impressive look to your property.

With accenting window and hardware options and a variety of colours and textures to choose from, an overhead door can help give the perfect finishing look to your barn. Overhead doors are often used in agricultural buildings, hobby garages and workshops.

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