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In Alberta, where barns, garages, and farm buildings are essential, understanding the difference between post frame buildings and pole buildings is crucial. Though similar, these construction methods have distinct features.

Pole Barns in Alberta

Originally, pole barns were built using round poles as the structural support for walls and roofs. During the 1930’s there became demand for larger cost effective structures to store feed and equipment, readily available materials like logs or telephone poles were used.  This traditional method laid the groundwork for modern barn construction.

Post Frame Buildings: The Modern Evolution

Post frame buildings are the contemporary version of the pole barn, with a key distinction: they use square posts instead of round poles. In Alberta’s diverse climate and landscape, this change has implications for construction:

  • This building method allows for the functionality of timber framing but at a fraction of costs in labour and materials. 
  • This method does not require the sides to be enclosed which makes it practical for storage, or animal shelters. 
  • Metal siding and roofing has a long lifespan compared to alternative materials as well its durability makes it a choice for light commercial and industrial applications.

Square Posts Advantage

Stronger Connections: Square posts allow for a stronger attachment of dimensional lumber, enhancing the structural integrity of the building.

Modern Construction Benefits: Today’s post frame buildings in Alberta benefit from this stronger design, leading to more durable and stable structures.

Tricky Terminology

Despite differences, the terms ‘pole barn’ and ‘post frame building’ are often used interchangeably. It’s important to focus on using the best materials and designs, regardless of terminology.

Building Options in Alberta

When considering a construction project in Alberta, it’s essential to explore the range of options available for both post frame and pole buildings, including:

  • Color Choices: A variety of colors for steel sides, roofs, and trims.
  • Design Features: Options like overhangs, gutters, cupolas, and lean-tos.
  • Insulation and Windows: Ensuring energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Door Styles: Various garage door designs and colors to suit different needs.

Choosing a Construction Method

For any project in Alberta, whether commercial or residential, the choice between post frame and pole construction depends on your specific needs, budget, and design preferences.

Understanding the nuances between post frame and pole buildings is key to making informed decisions for your Alberta construction project. Premium Built Structures specializes in both methods, ensuring quality and client satisfaction regardless of the chosen style.

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